The painted rocks of Aoussift, Morocco

This article was originally published on Atlas Obscura.

In this desolate valley resides a gorgeous set of rocks sporting a technicolor design.

THESE LARGE PAINTED GRANITE ROCKS, created by Belgian artist Jean Verame, can be found just off of a dirt road that branches from Agard-Oudad street in Tafraoute, Morocco.

A brief 20-minute bike ride from Tafraoute brings travelers to this gorgeous valley that perfectly embodies the lifestyle of the region. These rocks covered in a myriad of colors also provide a panoramic view of the surrounding valley and landscape. This vast area of art nestled in this remote region is certainly a sight to behold and adds a different dynamic to the area. 

This scene also provides some insight into the culture of people that frequent Tafraoute. The rocks depict a laid-back nature that welcomes backpackers and campers who have been touring the area for years.

Know Before You Go

You can reach the rocks by bike or car by going south on Agard Odad street and taking a right at the dirt road.

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