In search of ancient Morocco

South of Marrakesh, the Draa Valley still exerts an indefinable pull, retaining traces of its now almost-vanished Berber kingdom. This article was originally published on The New York Times Style Magazine. THE SHAMROCK GREEN of Casablanca graded into a flat plain of beige. From the tarmac itself, I could see the beige run into a... Continue Reading →

Humans, nature at the heart of Morocco’s new development model

This article was originally published on Morocco World News, on June 30, 2020. The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies’ (IRES) report on Morocco’s new development model has called for revaluing people's relationship with nature, and putting the two at the heart of the development process. The document favored a “leapfrog” strategy to the question of... Continue Reading →

Morocco prepares to reopen borders in July

This article was originally published on Morocco World News, on June 27, 2020. Morocco’s land, air, and sea borders are expected to reopen in July, following the country’s nationwide state of emergency that is set to conclude on July 10. After months of adhering to protective measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, Morocco is strategically... Continue Reading →

Traditional Moroccan craftsmanship revisited

This article was originally published on Visit Morocco. Morocco's cultural richness extends to the traditional hand-crafted works of its artisans, who have been turning out contemporary variations for a few years now. A wide assortment of materials is transformed into decorative and utilitarian items through careful handiwork using machines and tools that have, for the... Continue Reading →

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